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sabato 26 gennaio 2008

Passeggiate - To walk in the Savana

Il safari a piedi è sempre una bellissima esperienza.
L'importante è fidarsi in modo assoluto della Guida.
Guardarsi intorno...
E stare attenti a dove si mettono i piedi...
A walking Safari is a beautiful experience.
The important is:always do what the Guide says.
To watch around.
And take care about where you walking on...

5 commenti:

Anna ha detto...

I hope you were not alone, or may be not. Great captures, Anna :)

MedaM ha detto...

Those photos are just fantastic!

ONEDIA ha detto...

Andrea, thanks for the comment on the buntings , I don't know which of your blogs to read first each is stunning....the photos...they don't need any translations but I sure appreciate them my Italian is limited.

So, glad you came so I could discover your blogs....I have been looking for Italian blogs to include in my global neighborhood.

The buntings are wonderful.... have you seen our cardinals ?


vera ha detto...

you were so lucky to see by walking these female lions...yes , the feeling is very strong when it happens... no knees to run... just breath..stopping..

ONEDIA ha detto...

Andrea, noticed the recipe for the Sidecar favorite and most bars in the U.S. do not make it correctly.