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martedì 8 gennaio 2008


Kobus ellipsiprymnus
Difficili da incontrare,spesso timidi
e difficili da fotografare:non era il caso
di questo bel branco.Li avevamo già visti in Botswana.
Ma erano lontani e pochi.
Amano l'acqua ed è facile incontrarli dove questa
è abbondante.
Elegant and timid animal,loves water.
Not easy to take pictures from them.
This is the biggest group I ever seen.

2 commenti:

JB's Big World ha detto...

I love your photos! Thanks for coming by. I will check you other site too.

Anna ha detto...

Hi Andrea, these are really cool photos of waterbuck. I myself really like capturing photos of the animals in the wild, it is more fun. You were lucky to see that many. I think you gave me an idea for the next post, moutain sheep or goats, still need to figure out what animal it was. Thanks for sharing, Anna :)