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venerdì 22 febbraio 2008


Ha ragione Onedia nel suo commento al penultimo post.
Poche Giraffe in questo Blog.
Chissà perchè,ma mi ero un po'dimenticato
di loro.
Invece sono così belle,così eleganti nel
loro muoversi,lente e un po'indifferenti,
nella Savana.E i loro grandi occhi comunicano
una dolcezza infinita.
Queste foto sono state fatte tutte in Botswana
tra Savuti e Chobe.
---I agree with Onedia in her last comment.
For some reason there aren't so much Giraffes
in this Blog.I don't know why:they are very
common,but so beautiful and elegant in their
movements.They walk slowly not caring a lot
about what happens around.And their eyes
are the sweetest eyes you can see in Africa.
All theese pictures were taken in Botswana
between Savuti and Chobe.

3 commenti:

ONEDIA ha detto...

Thank you, Andrea, I agree with you about the sweetness of the giraffe and the sweet eyes.

Grazie, Andrea, accosento con voi circa la dolcezza del giraffe e degli occhi del dolce.

Anna ha detto...

Giraffes always amazed me, and they are my husband's favorite. Your photos are great, the one with giraffe behind the bushes is really cool (second last), and some how funny. Anna :)

MedaM ha detto...

Wow, Andrea, these series of giraffe photos are just great. What a wonderful experience you have had! Lucky you!