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sabato 21 febbraio 2009

Il Serpentario - The Secretarybird

Sagittarius serpentarius

Mi piace moltissimo questo
"mangiatore di serpenti",molto grande,
alto fino a 150 cm cammina lento per la savana.
Di solito in coppia,si muove scrutando attentamente
il terreno.
E'comunissimo,difficile non incontrarlo.
---I like very much this "snake eater".
A very big bird,until 150 cm tall.
Walks slowly,usually in pairs,watching
very carefully the ground.
Very common:it's difficult not to meet it.

4 commenti:

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

Hello Andrea. Good to see you posting again. I have been missing them and your comments on my blog. These are the most interesting birds to watch feeding. They are so slow until they see something to eat and then are as fast as lightening to catch it.

T and S ha detto...

That's a beautiful image Andrea. Massive specimen as well

Anna ha detto...

Andrea not just careful walk, but elegant walk. Anna :)

MedaM ha detto...

This bird has interesting look! Great photo!