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sabato 7 febbraio 2009

Northern Black Korhaan - male

Eupodotis afraoides

Anche qui non esiste,credo un nome italiano...
Questo è il maschio,purtroppo non ho foto
della femmina,che ha una livrea più
mimetica.E'alto circa 50 cm e frequenta
zone aperte e secche.
In afrikaans:Witvlerkkhorhaan.
---This is the male,sorry I don't
have pictures from the female,
more clear and mimetic.
About 50 cm,lives in dry and open

7 commenti:

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

Have you ever seen their mating display Andrea? Whenever I hear them in mating season, I always stop to watch.

Andrea ha detto...

I red about it,but I never saw it...

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

You missed something very interesting. Next time you are in SA, ask your guide about it if you have one. If you see them calling, stop and watch them.

Bhavesh Chhatbar ha detto...

That's quite a detailed photograph! :)

T and S ha detto...

Andrea : Neat image and nice details given the low light conditions.

Anna ha detto...

What an elegant bird, lol. Anna :)

MedaM ha detto...

Oh, how cute and interesting this bird is. I like its pose. Another bird that I have never seen in private! What beautiful feathers it has!