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sabato 16 maggio 2009

Il Tessitore Sociale-The Sociable Weaver

Philetairus socius
Le dimensioni sono quelle di un passero,
ma i suoi nidi si vedono da lontano.
Enormi nidi che possono ospitare centinaia
di individui.Normalmente sulle acacie ma tutto
va bene,anche i pali della luce che possono finire
per cadere lasciando qualcuno senza energia...
---Small like a sparrow,but you can see from
far their big common nests.
Enormous nests in whose can live hundreds
of weavers.Normally on acacia trees,but
they can build on electric lines too.
And when the nest is too big... everyhing
falls and someone has no more light at home...

7 commenti:

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

Hello Andrea. These nests can be enormous especially in the Kalahari. Did you see the pictures I posted of them a while ago? They were taken up there. It looks so funny to see the telephone poles with them on. :)

koand ha detto...

ciekawie wypatrzone i fajne zdjęcia.

T and S ha detto...

Lovely images, the first one is too good. I wish you had got us one with hte bird flying in/out of its nest. I know I m getting greedy.

Franki ha detto...

es muy lindo!

Franki ha detto...

es muy lindo!

giardigno65 ha detto...

bellissimo, ne servirebbe qualcuno per ricucire certi strappi !

Anna ha detto...

Wow Andrea this is so interesting, and the first photo well captured. Anna :)