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venerdì 25 settembre 2009

Crimson-breasted Shrike

Laniarius atrococcineus

Non c'è un nome italiano.
E'molto comune in tutto il Kalahari,spesso
l'ho osservato in coppia.Molto confidente e
facile da fotografare.E molto bello,direi.
---Very common all over Kalahari,often in
couples.Very confident and easy to shot.
And really beautiful,in my opinion.

2 commenti:

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

He is a beauty Andrea. The day before I met you in Pilansberg I managed to get some nice shots of birds too an which I am doing a series every Saturday so you will see many there which you know. I think I have it scheduled for next week.

Black Jack's Carol ha detto...

A beautiful bird and wonderful photograph! Your blog is extraordinary.