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sabato 3 ottobre 2009

Una visitatrice notturna - A night visitor

Credo che non ci sia da scrivere alcun commento.
Il modo di fare era comunque estremamente tranquillo.
Pareva solo curiosa.
Mi spiace per la scarsa qualità,ma le foto notturne
non sono facili.
---I think there is no comment to write.
The way she had was extremely quiet.
She was only curious.
Sorry for the low quality,but night pictures
are not so easy.

3 commenti:

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

You captured this beautifully Andrea!! WOW!! It seems like you really had fun happenings on this trip.

Sorry to be so late in commenting but I was out the whole day yesterday (Saturday) and when I got back I was so tired I fell into bed and went to sleep. :)

T and S ha detto...

A lioness visiting your camp at night...WOW, it should have been an awesome experience...Thomas

Tony nile life ha detto...

Great memory of these big cats love them but the smell was a bit overpowering. Some Massai friends
made me a necklace out of one of the lions paw nails.