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mercoledì 4 novembre 2009

The Spotted Eagle Owl

Bubo africanus

Non sono sicurissimo della classificazione.
Un bel Gufo,comunque...
---I'm not so sure about classification,
maybe Joan can help me?
A beautiful Owl,anyway...

3 commenti:

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

What a beautiful owl Andrea.

Here are some things I know about them:

They are the most common of the large owls in S Africa. They are usually solitary or maybe a pair and rely on camolflage to hide them during the day. They eat birds, frogs, guineaffowl and small mammals. Usually 2 white eggs are laid per season and take a month to hatch. The chicks are dependend on the parents for feeding until they are about 5 weeks old.

Black Jack's Carol ha detto...

Beautiful photograph, and you inspired me to learn a little more about The Spotted Eagle Owl. I wonder if you have ever photographed an owl in flight. A young photographer calling himself Iputts, whom I met in North Vancouver this past summer while watching the Osprey nest, has recently posted some owl pictures that are quite amazing. (I hope I have hot linked it correctly)
"This is his Flickr site:

Anna ha detto...

Andrea, that is one bird I never seen in the wild. Excellent shot. Anna :)