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sabato 21 novembre 2009

Un Suricato - A Meerkat

Alle volte gli animali sembrano dire:
"Ehi! Sono qui! Mi fai una foto? Per Piacere!?"
---Sometimes animals seem to say:
"Ehi! I'm here! Will you take a picture from me?

4 commenti:

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

I never get tired of seeing these interesting creatures Andrea I was just watching another interesting program on them too.

Black Jack's Carol ha detto...

What a fascinating little animal and beautiful photo. I have never seen one, but just did a small google search. I learned that members of the clan take turns doing sentry duty while the others hunt for food. They divide up their homes into compartments, and they sometimes share their homes with squirrels, since their diet is different, so no competition for food. Thanks for this and for all your amazing posts! (Thank you, also, for the tour guide link. Your pictures speak highly for their expertise!)

MedaM ha detto...

These animals are so interesting and funny to me. your photos are great as always.

Picture Imperfect ha detto...

Fantastic! I love the meerkats! Thank you for sharing. :o)