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martedì 12 gennaio 2010

Marakele 2

Un Parco fatto di montagne erose dal tempo.
E percorrendo le loro pendici,
elefanti che pascolano sereni.
Un Parco splendido.
---A Park made of mountains consumed by time.
And driving along these mountains,
elephants quietly feeding.
A wonderful Park.

5 commenti:

Picture Imperfect ha detto...

I am always so thrilled to see a new post from you in my reader and this is why. That mountainside, you could find one similar to it in many places in Northern Canada. The elephants??? Not so much! I love them!

Thank you for sharing! :o)

tossan ha detto...

O seu trabalho é muito esmerado e fascinante!
Its work very is performed with care and fascinating!

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

What a lovely herd of elephants Andrea. I see the tusks are relatively small though. Were all of them like this? In some areas they do not grow very thick or long, must be the nutrition in the soil.

Andrea ha detto...

Joan:the herd had about 30 elephants.Many of them very young.
All the tusks not so big.
Low calcium in their diet?

Black Jack's Carol ha detto...

Very enjoyable post. Although I have never had the good fortune to be close to elephants, I have loved them since a child. Do you know about the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee? It is an amazing story.