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sabato 21 agosto 2010

The African Buffalo

Syncerus caffer

Basta guardalo negli occhi e si capisce subito
il suo carattere.Sono gli occhi di un animale intelligente.
---Just watch into its eyes and you will understand its caracter.
These are eyes from a clever animal.

5 commenti:

Elettra ha detto...

Bentornato!!!!!! Le foto del bufalo africano sono straordinarie e anche a me piacciono gli occhi se pur tristi di questo animale,chissà quante ne avrà passate!!!!!!!!!!!

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

The one of them in the dust has wonderful atmosphere Andrea.

What huge animals these are and as they weigh about one ton, I am always surprised at how quick they can be on their feet.

Did you know you can tell the male from the female from the horns? The female has a big gap where the two parts meet and the male does not. You know so much about these animals, I am sure you knew that already. :)

Andrea ha detto...

no,for this time,I really didn't know.
Thank you for the comment.

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

Oh good. :) Please I could tell you something new. :)

Andrea ha detto...

Dear Friend,I am sure you could write a book with all the things I don't know about african animals...