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mercoledì 1 settembre 2010

Licaoni 2 - Wild Dogs 2

Tre giorni dopo,il secondo incontro.
Alla luce del primo mattino un branco
di dieci individui.Si sono diretti al
fiume per bere,poi alcuni hanno iniziato
a giocare.Parevano molto felici e rilassati,
indifferenti a noi.
---Three days later,we had the second sight.
In the first morning light a pack of ten.
They arrived close to the river to drink,then they
began to play.They seemed very happy and relaxed,
with no problem about us.

3 commenti:

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente ha detto...

Wonderful photos, I am a real wild dog fan so I appreciate these pictures. Thanks Diane

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

Is it feeding the pup in the second picture Andrea? What great shots of them.

Andrea ha detto...

They seemed to me just playing.
I red pups usually wait in the den.