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domenica 18 settembre 2011


Panthera leo

"Noli me tangere sine Amor" dicevano i latini.
Ho pensato a questo,scattando.
---A latin phrase says "Noli me tangere sine Amor"
and means "Don't touch me without Love".
I thought to this shooting her.

4 commenti:

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente ha detto...

She has a mean sort of look there, like she is watching dinner in the distance. Very lovable so long as there is something between you and her :) Diane

Andrea ha detto...

Diane: she had a small wound on the other side of the face and she seemed to be very angry and nervous.
And she had two cubs.
My heart was beating fast while taking this shot.

MedaM ha detto...

Wild and so are amazing just as your photos!

de bossies! ha detto...

Ik schrijf het gewoon in het Nederlands...Ik heb je site doorlopen..Wat is die geweldig mooi.
En wat zie jij veel unieke dingen..Ik ben echt onder de indruk.
Dit is TOP!!
Gr Henk

p.s. in dit log..zijn de ogen werelds!