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venerdì 14 ottobre 2011


Cercopitecus aethiops

Spesso fastidiose,spesso ladre.
Alle volte sanno essere anche divertenti.
---Often annoying,often thieves.
Sometimes they can be really funny.

4 commenti:

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente ha detto...

I remember sitting at Victoria Falls having tea and cake, well we would have had the cake if a vervet hand had not zapped it off the table before we got to it :) Great pic. Diane

karen ha detto...

Great photo! I have also had so many monkey experiences - not always pleasant, but they are great creatures to observe!

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

I will bet if the ladder was any longer you would have had more of them in the picture Andrea. :)Looks like a great place to sit and catch the early morning sun and warm up.

karen ha detto...

Hi! Thanks for visting my blog again.. Interesting to see that you were at Senyati Camp.. in my earlier post (before the one about the fences) that was the lodge I mentioned with the elephants!

If you were here in August, then you would have seen the new fences being put up along the road, but if you had not known about it you probably would not have noticed it as there are already so many fences here now along the river..