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sabato 14 aprile 2012

The Gymnogene

Polyboroides typus
Comune,per i libri sugli uccelli,ma l'ho visto veramente
poche volte.Lo si può vedere arrampicarsi su alberi o rocce
alla ricerca di lucertole,pipistrelli o altri piccoli
animali di cui si nutre.Dimensioni tra i 55 e i 63 cm.
---Common for the bird books,but I saw it just few times.
You can see it "climbing" trees and rocks searching for
lizards,bats or other small animals.55-63 cm big.

4 commenti:

OneStonedCrow ha detto...

Wow Andrea - I've never seen a Gymnogene (maybe I have and confused it with a Chanting Goshawk) - was this taken in Botswana?

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente ha detto...

This brings back many memories, there are plenty of them in Zimbabwe.

Graham they do not go as far as the Western coast though you may see them in parts of Botswana. Diane

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

What a lovely capture Andrea. These are lovely birds to watch hunting because of their different technique.

Viola ha detto...

What a lovely bird! and your photos are beutiful! :)