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sabato 13 ottobre 2012

Il Topo degli Alberi - The Tree Mouse

 Thallomys paedulcus
( una serie di Roberta a 2000 Iso)
Un piccolo delizioso topino che vive sugli alberi.Foto scattate a mano libera al buio.
--- A small cute mouse living on/in the trees. Free hand shots at Iso 2000 in the nightime.

3 commenti:

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente ha detto...

This is a creature I have not only never seen but I have not even heard of. Fantastic photos and of great interest to me. Well done Andrea. Diane

Viola ha detto...

Oh! such sweet! =) suddenly there were two of them, lovely! and the tree also! :)

Coral Wild ha detto...

amazing photos of a beautiful little creature:)