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domenica 4 novembre 2012

Sulla Collina - On the Top of the Hill

Era in cima ad una collina di fronte alla pozza che prende in nome dal Leone più famoso
del Kgalagadi: Kwang. Mi piace pensare che possa essere uno dei suoi figli o nipoti.
Cosa peraltro molto possibile.
---He was on the top of the hill in front of Kwang Waterhole.
Kwang was the most famous Lion of the Kgalagadi. I like to think this one was one
of his sons or a nephew. It is more than a possibility.

2 commenti:

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente ha detto...

King of all he surveys. Great photo. Have a good week Diane

Viola ha detto...

Great view from the top, it looks like the lion likes that!

great photos! and many lovely animals and photos to see further down also!

My favorite: the reflections of the lion in the water, when drinking!! =)

and I do like the meerkats a lot! :)

and the hyena!

Lovely weekend to you! :)