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martedì 11 dicembre 2012

The Lappetfaced Vulture

Torgos tracheliotus

Grande.Molto simile come dimensioni al nostro Avvoltoio Monaco,
stesso peso e apertura alare tra i 250 ei 295 cm.
E'comune,ma trovarne uno in posa fotogenica non è frequente.
L'ultima foto è di Roberta.
---Massive.Very similar to the european Monk (or Black) Vulture,
same weight and wingspan (250 - 295 cm).
Common,but it's not easy to find one alone for a good shot.
Last picture from Roberta.

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Zimbabwe ha detto...

Not exactly pretty birds but great photos. They are such powerful birds with their beaks and claws.
We are off to Casablanca next week for 9 days, hopefully we may see some sun over the Christmas period. Have a great Christmas and we wish you all the best for 2013. Diane