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sabato 28 marzo 2009

The Klipspringer

Oreotragus oreotragus
Non sono proprio sicurissimo della classificazione,
e sarò quindi grato a chiunque vorrà correggermi.
Queste foto provengono dal Fish River Canyon in Namibia
e dal parco di Augrabies in Sudafrica.
Si tratta di una piccola antilope,alta sui 60 cm
alla spalla,si muove sola o in coppie in luoghi
rocciosi.Solo il maschio ha le corna.
Per niente timida,si avvicina molto.
---I'm not so sure about classification,so
I will be grateful to everybody wants to correct it.
These pictures come from Fish River Canyon in Namibia
and Augrabies National Park in Southafrica.
It's a small animal,about 60cm at the shoulder.
It walks alone or in couples in rocky places.
The male only has horns.
Not shy at all,it comes very close to you.

4 commenti:

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

I love watching these Andrea. They are so agile on the rocky outcrops they prefer. Did you know that there hooves are hollow and this allows them to be able to live on these rocks?

They also mate for life.

Andrea ha detto...

Joan: no I didn't know.
Thank you for writing about this.
Everything you write in addition to my posts is always very welcome.
You worked many years with Nature,while I had only some holidays.

T and S ha detto...

Andrea : Fab shots of this antelope, I have seen this before elsewhere online. The first image is a stunning composition.

Anna ha detto...

Andrea fabulous shots!
Anna :0