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martedì 18 agosto 2009


Felis caracal

Erano due anni che volevo incontrarlo.
Ed eccolo...
Notturno,molto elusivo preferisce ambienti
cespugliosi,capaci di far impazzire l'autofocus.
45 cm alla spalla attacca prede anche molto
più grandi di lui come un impala.
Credo di aver catturato un momento raro.
Pochi minuti che hanno dato valore ad un giorno intero.
---It was two years I wanted to meet this animal.
And here It is...
Nocturnal,very elusive.45 centimeters at the shoulder,
it can attack preys until impala (double than a
caracal)It likes environments
whith many bushes:perfect
places to make your autofocus
I think I took a rare moment for a not professional like

5 commenti:

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

Congratulations Andrea!! What a wonderful moment to achieve after wanting to see one for so long. I am so thrilled that it was on the trip with me. :)

Your pictures came out really well considering the bushes which were in the way all the time.

Give R hugs from me please. :)

Andrea ha detto...

Thank you Joan.
A great Guide and Driver is basic, to take a good picure!

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

Thanks Andrea. A good team effort I think. :)

Anna ha detto...

Congratulations Andrea, that seems like a long time to wait, but you were patient, and patience paid off. Excellent images, thanks for sharing. Anna :)

Bhavesh Chhatbar ha detto...

This is a beautiful small-big cat :)

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