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domenica 16 agosto 2009

Silver Sugarbush - Dedicated to Joan

Protea roupelliae
Una pianta non comune.Parco di Marakele.
A not so common plant.Marakele National Park.

Il mio primo post di ritorno dal Sudafrica.
Dedicato a Joan che ho avuto il piacere di
conoscere di persona e che è stata una fantastica
Guida nel Pilanesberg.
Grazie a lei ho visto il mio primo Caracal...
---My first post coming back from South Africa
is dedicated to Joan. I had the great pleasure to
meet her in person and to have a fantastic Guide in
Thanks to her I saw my first Caracal...

3 commenti:

T and S ha detto...

Neat post and dedication Andrea. I m waiting to see your images from the trip.

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

Hello Andrea. Thank you for this wonderful dedication.

This is a stunning picture of the protea.

It was such a pleasure to meet you and R. I only wish it could have been for longer. We definitely have to make it to Kruger next year.

I have something coming up on my blog tomorrow, 19th.

Anna ha detto...

Hey Andrea firstly welcome back. Sorry I missed the post. Excellent pic, and I am sure you had a blast with Joan, she seems like nice lady, and I know her only through blog. Anna :)