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domenica 14 febbraio 2010





Taurotragus oryx

Il più grande:1.7 metri alla spalla.
Un animale potente e difficle da vedere
da vicino.Più spesso li vedremo lontani,in
una nuvola di polvere.
Corrono velocissimi e possono spiccare salti
di un paio di metri in altezza.
La prima foto da l'idea di come si vedono,se si
vedono,gli Eland...
La terra trema e loro passano.
---The biggest one: 1.7 meters at the shoulder.
A powerful and not so easy to see animal.
More often we will see them from far in a cloud
of dust.
Very fast runners,they can jump a couple of meters high.
In the first picture you can have an idea about
how do you see them,in a common situation.
The earth rumbles and they cross the road.

5 commenti:

James Owens ha detto...

Such an incredible combination of power and grace....

Anna ha detto...

Andrea wow nice action photo!
Anna :)

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

I did not realize how big they really were till I got right up close to them and could not believe that they could jump a fence with that bulk. It just goes to show how nature provides for things.

MedaM ha detto...

Wonderful series of photos. They are so beautiful and elegant. The first photo looks really interesting. It wasn't easy to take a photo of them in a gallop.

Penny (AKA Krista) ha detto...

Wow - they are really huge! And beautiful. You've got some really wonderful photos here! :o)