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venerdì 5 febbraio 2010

Honey Badger 2

I forgot I had a second serie
about the Honey Badger.
This one was digging close to
the road.We left the car and carefully
we walked trying to get closer.
I took two not so bad pictures.
I find interesting the first,in which
you can see its nails.

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5 commenti:

Picture Imperfect ha detto...

What a little cutie! I just want to hug him. I'm sure it would be a bad idea though. LOL!

Andrea ha detto...

Picture Imperfect:
really a bad idea:as you can see the nails are very long but theeth are just terrible

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

Nice to get more shots of them Andrea. Tey are not an animal I would want to get close to as I have seen what they are capable of doing with those nails.

Anna ha detto...

Andrea I hope this is not dangerous animal? Never seen and hard about them, therefore, thanks for the lesson. Anna :)

T and S ha detto...

Lovely series on the Badger, Andrea. You should post more frequently...Thomas