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martedì 1 novembre 2011

I grandi Elefanti di Matusadona - The Matusadona Big Bulls

Attualmente è molto difficile arrivare in questo
Parco in Zimbabwe,la strada è veramente terribile
e richiede guidatori veramnete esperti di fuoristrada.
Ma questi 3 maschi da soli valevano il sacrificio.
---Actually is very difficult to arrive to this Park
in Zimbabwe,the road is really in terrible conditions
and only a very expert off-road driver can arrive
But... For these 3 Big Bulls no sacrifice is
enough. (Not only the Big Bulls,of course, the Park
is really great).

4 commenti:

SAPhotographs (Joan) ha detto...

What beauties!! No matter if the roads are bad or anything else, it is always worth it to get to the elephants. :)

MedaM ha detto...

What power and beauty! Absolutely fantastic photos!

cathaysa ha detto...

...un acceso difícil con una hermosa recompensa. Siempre es un regalo observar la naturaleza a través de tus ojos.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente ha detto...

Wow, what fantastic photos. I used to go to Matusadona regularly as I had a friend who had shares in a place on Kariba. I even managed to catch my one and only Tiger Fish on one of those trips :) Diane